The First Scrawls

Mon, Jul 6, 2020 2-minute read

Many things needed to come into being before this site got to the point you see it in now.

For one thing I needed to learn a great deal about what went into getting a site from the spark of an idea to actually being a representation of that idea for others to see and enjoy. When I registered the domain on May 25th of this year I was not aware of what I was in for. Now a month and a half later I realize that the lack of knowledge was greater than I though. To say that I was naive when it came to making the decision to create a site. Do I regret it? No, that would be to say that the knowledge I have attained now is a loss rather than a victory. The acquisition of knowledge and its application are in almost all instances more valuable than the lack there of.

My appreciation for those of you who make your living shaping the Web that we all too often take for granted has only increased from this experience. Anyone who is in the position to understand and maintain so complex has invested far more effort into the subject that I ever will.

At this point I have found a solution that, while seemingly complex for my skills would most certainly seem trivial for such professionals. Yet, there is a no small amount of satisfaction acquired from it, and through the experience I have learned skills and found tools that allow me improve in the other aspects of my professional and personal life. Take for instance this web page. I did not need to write it in some form of archaic language. I have built it in Markdown and from that the computer re-writes it into what you are reading now. But that is only half of the benefit, the other is that I now have another way to format my text and as such can write clearly without needing to wrestle with my word processor (we have been sparing partners for many years).

This post has gotten longer than originally intended so I will leave you with this, a first test, of what will hopefully become a rich experience for those who are looking for an escape.