Escapist Scrawl or Escapists Crawl

Sat, Jul 18, 2020 2-minute read

Well, it has been yet another long journey from the first success to this point, where in all humility, I reach out to you today. And while it has been a bumpy journey I thought that it was a good chance to address something that my husband brought up.

The name of my site.

What is in a name?

First, before we continue I would like to address the proper way to look at the name. It is the “Escapist Scrawl,” my ever so humorous husband had suggested that it would be better to call it the “Escapist’s Crawl.” Logic being, anyone that is attempting to escape would most likely do so crawling. Well, that being said it is most certainly the latter.


Because the latter is what this site is truly about.

The words that you are reading here (hopefully) are an escape. They are raw, scrawled down in moments of inspiration and targeted at an audience that is as elusive as the thoughts on the page.

We are all connected, yet that connection is not truly realized-were you to find this page that connection isn’t obvious-you would need to read the words and connect with their meaning. Everyone has something to say, yet, not everyone has a chance to say it or somebody who will or can listen. That is the reason I created these pages as an outlet for my creative process. One that has pushed my ever so lacking technical skills to their limit. Like an athlete struggling to go further faster I have pushed ever so hard to get my words to you here. Not with the assumption that they will be found, read, and enjoyed, but as a chance to achieve personal growth and hopefully enlightenment through the scrawls that fill these pages.

What is in a name?

When you look at is you can see as much or as little as you like.

Do you agree?