What drove me to create this site? The goal to create a site came from the need to share.

The decision, after much deliberation, to join in, rather than to continue to lurk in the shadows, came sometime last year. It was actually a resolution that, thanks to COVID-19 went un-done for months. My goal was to give back, rather than benefiting from others’ posts and knowledge. It was a decision that lead me to create my own repository of culture in an attempt to reciprocate. Though most of these come out as simple scrawls I have the hope that this journal will be useful to those with similar interests as I.

Failing that, it will be useful for me as well. As both a way to keep track of where I’ve been and a way to formulate where I intend to go.

I work for a small company that produces carpeting, though not in production. We have lived in three states in the last three years thanks to my husband’s job. But prior to that, lived for eight years in Washington before we began to perpetually pack up our ever dwindling possessions and became what my sister lovingly dubs nomads. I enjoy painting white walls in bright and vibrant colors, making useful things, learning about almost anything, and eating chocolate chip ice cream and avacodo.

Sound strange?

I am a horse of a different color.