Patterns of Dance

Humankind, from its most remote origins, such as being sociable and religious at the same time, felt the need to communicate with others and with supernatural powers.


We are a perpetual line of those who came before us and we are a snapshot of those who will come after us.

Of Origin and Development of Dance

Since beginning of civilization there was a close relationship between dance and play, as natural manifestations of both vitality and human expressiveness.

Expression Through Dance: A Cultural History

Dance is a part of human culture, it has been so for recorded history.

Cognitive Distortion in Victims of Domestic Abuse

Victims of intimate partner violence use certain cognitive survival strategies that distort reality they vary depending on individual differences and the evolutionary stage of abuse.

Crime and Punishment Revisited

In “Crime and Punishment” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Wikisource has the 1866 book), is based on a delusional and a malicious idea: that remarkable things, the precious, the high, are above all, above all things, above all people.

The Physical and Psychological Consequences of Gender Violence

The physical and psychological consequences for women who are victims of violence are multiple, they impede their at almost every level and manifest themselves in their mental and physical health.

Quick Update – Really!

Well, here’s what I called a “Quick-scrawl!” Everything has been going great as of late.

Low Self-esteem: The Personality Dependent Disorder

The problem for people suffering from this type of personality disorder is that they continually need the approval of others to carry out any of their activities.

Dinner for Two

Handmade noodles Last night I got invited out to dinner (by my husband, before you come to any ideas) at a very cute Italian restaurant for the second time this month.